2 of 31 Colleges at The University of Cambridge

After an afternoon at Fitzwilliam museum, my children and I stumbled on Pembroke College, the third oldest of the Cambridge colleges.


The gem of Pembroke college is its beautiful Wren Chapel built in 1665. This stunning chapel was birthed as a result of a vow made by Matthew Wren, Bishop of Ely. Whilst he was imprisoned during the Civil War he vowed to build a new chapel for his College.


I wish I knew more about architecture to tell you more about the buildings. All I know is I love old buildings. Find out more about the architecture and history at Pembroke Past & Present.

20130820-183238.jpgA statue of Prime Minister William Pitt sits in the Library Lawn.


This plaque was next to a memorial wall with names of 450 Pembroke men who lost their lives defending the country in the wars of 1914-18 and 1939-45. Quite serendipitously, I overheard a grandmother telling her grand-daughters about a suitor (her words, not mine) whose name was on the wall.


To find out more about Pembroke College, visit www.pem.cam.ac.uk


1 of 31 Colleges at The University of Cambridge

Cambridge is full of wonderful architectural delights. This is at St John’s College, University of Cambridge. Visit if you can.