International Women’s Day

I want to say something profound but I have nothing.

So I’ll say thank you.

Thank you to all the women who’ve paved the way and made it easier for women like me to work.

Thank you to the women who continually show by example that we can go beyond the boundaries.

Thank you to all the women who fight and rise up indignantly against gender inequality and violence towards women; who uphold the right to education for women and girls around the world.

Thank you to my mother for modelling the fact that a woman can….

Thank you to the every day women that surround me and challenge me to be all that I ever hope and dream.

And thank you to my daughter for inspiring me, every day, to be a better woman.



This Girl CanĀ 

This is my daughter. She is seven years old and in five weeks, she will be eight.

I have always joked that she came to earth with a princess syndrome but part of that is knowing what she wants and not stopping till she gets it.

She is confident and, above all else, brave. She keeps stretching herself to do everything her older brother can. There are no barriers for her. Her only competition is her nine year old brother. I have tried and failed miserably at explaining that at this age, there will always be things he can do better than her. This means absolutely nothing to her. She keeps pushing and pushing herself.

My constant struggle, particularly as she is my last born, is to keep her safe and curb her risk taking. I am trying with all my might not to let my protectiveness restrict her or inadvertently send the message that girls shouldn’t be doing this or that. It’s a daily struggle to allow her to be herself.

Today, she wants to be an astronaut, fashion designer, scientist, prime minister, doctor and athlete. All are within her grasp so watch out world!