There is no S**TA

This Christmas, I would advise you to keep your children well away from mine because they know there is such thing as Santa.

Two years ago, we made the decision to tell them the truth. Yeah yeah yeah, we are mean old parents but:

  1. We were tired of this big bearded man that comes down the chimney once a year taking all the credit for the gifts that our hard earned money provided.
  2. We were tired of keeping up the charade and essentially the lies that went along with it as they got older. It got to the point where  I would have to say that the friend who told them there was a Santa was a liar.
  3. The gift list was getting ridiculously wilder and longer. It needed to be halted. I’m just not cut out to be one of those parents that gives their kids everything they want.
  4. We are mean like that. Hehehehehehe.

Now this year we could ask what do you want and get a list and since they know it’s their parents providing them, there is the understanding that not every wish would be granted.

I wonder if it’ll stop them wishing for those dreamy, magical presents that only Santa can provide?  Who knows. I’d like to think that Santa is not responsible for creativity and high expectations in children.

Anyway, you’ve been warned, keep your kids away or else.


Christmas Wish

Last year was a very memorable Christmas for me. It was the first time my kids were aware of the meaning of Christmas – presents. 🙂 We had quite a number of family members over so they got a lot more presents than they usually would have.

Leading up to the day, the countdown began. My then six year old son who was able to write, wrote his Christmas wish list. My daughter who was four couldn’t write so did not. My son, who is much more meticulous and takes no risks when it comes to ensuring he gets what he wants, told the whole world what was on his list and wrote several versions of the same list. This year, he started the list in June. That’s how meticulous he is. My daughter, on the other hand is much more …….. let’s say ‘fluid’. Her behaviour is like that of a princess who naturally knows her every wish will be granted. So being more relaxed in character, she kept her list in her head and didn’t really mention it to anyone; as far as I was aware.

On Christmas day, my son got what he wanted from Santa and my daughter got what her parents thought she wanted from Santa. The disappointment on my little girl’s face was comical and disheartening at the same time. Her heart was genuinely broken.

    “Mummy Santa didn’t get me what I wanted” she wailed.
    “What did you want” I asked.
    “A snow globe” she replied.
    “Who did you tell” I asked.
    “No one” she replied, holding back tears of distress.

I tried to explain how Santa only responds to what he hears, blah blah blah. My explanation fell on deaf ears and she spent the whole day being forlorn and dispirited in between the glee of opening other presents, eating and playing with her brother and cousin. We have a tradition of opening presents after Christmas lunch. Cruel you say? Yes I know but we do it anyway. 🙂 We might appease them a little or rather keep them quiet by letting them open one in the morning but generally all presents are opened after the meal. So it was finally present opening time. Amidst the ripping of wrapping paper and the squeals of thank you mummy and daddy, thank you aunty and uncle, a screech over powered the noise. “Mummy! Mummy! I got a snow globe”. My brother-in-law’s girlfriend, whom we had never met, gave her a snow globe and a doll. Of all the presents in the world to give a child, she picked the very one my daughter had asked Santa for.

Call me mushy but I was almost in tears watching the glee on my daughter’s face and the sheer simplicity of a wish granted. A year after, I still marvel at how uncanny that was. Despite the inability of her parents to read her mind and no one else knowing, some how the universe had conspired to grant her wish. What are the chances of that? It almost got me believing in Santa. 🙂

So here’s hoping your Christmas wish comes true and that the year 2014 is much more glorious than anything you could ever ask or think.