Happy Valentine’s Day

Today is the 14th (January).  I’ve been working on Valentines Day offers for my cake business.  So my mind is already in February.  In fact, as most business owners will know, I’m already at Easter and on the verge of summer really.

My husband went to the gym early this morning and I thought, oh no! I don’t have a card or anything so I thought it’d just get away with a loving kiss.  He came in just before the school run and I gave him a kiss and said Happy Valentines Day.  He looked puzzled and asked is it?  I said yah, it’s the 14th.  He starts to apologise for not getting me anything then gives me a sceptical look and calls me a ‘419-er’ – which means fraudster in Nigeria.  He thought I was setting him up.  ROTFL 🙂 I genuinely thought it was Valentines Day.  I explained that I was working on some offers and had got caught up in that but I don’t think he believed me.  Hahaha.  Hilarious start to my day.

Although I love that we are at that stage where a kiss is enough to celebrate Valentines Day.  I’ll see if that sentiment is still there in February. 😉

Happy Valentines Day everyone!



Funniest April Fools’ Joke

People actually bought it and were giving recommendations. Where exactly is the breast milk meant to come from?

I wasn’t sure though as in this crazy world, anything goes. Read the post on www.honestlyhealthy.com

Baby Bottle Dripping

BREAST MILK… The new alkaline ingredient and health trend for 2015. Recent research has shown that drinking breast milk as an adult can help reduce risk of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. In some ways it makes sense to me as we get all the minerals and nutrients we need from it as a child and it’s the closest in hormone levels to what we need where as the levels in animal milk is too high for us to metabolise. We have done an article on the site about the pros and cons… Would you make a matcha breast milk milkshake? well if you want to we have a recipe for one in the article. #honestlyhealthy #healthy #alkaline #healthyliving #breastmilk #healthtrends

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Out of The Mouths of Babes

Last night, my daughter asked me quietly, “mummy can I whisper something in your ear?”. “Sure” I said and bent down towards hers. “You know how you said Grandma is daddy’s mummy and Grandpa is daddy’s daddy?” “Yes”I replied. Wondering what was next. She giggled and whispered ever so quietly. “Does that mean Grandma and Grandpa are married” she asked shyly, giggling uncontrollably. I burst into laughter and said yes.

Funny the things that randomly pop into a child’s mind.

Cake Tummy

How funny children can be. After dinner conversation:

Son: Mummy I’m full up
Me: No problems
Son: Mummy may I have some cake?
Me: I thought you said you were full
Son: My main food tummy is full but my cake tummy is alright
Who could argue with that? 🙂