Alternative Stoptober: Day 24

We had ANOTHER coffee morning at my children’s school yesterday and I got in the queue for hot chocolate. 😦

My friend asked what my plan was from the 31st onwards. Was I going to give it up entirely or go back to the same old same old? Good question. It wasn’t my decision to give up coffee. I was roped into it. It just came along at the same time when I was still exploring giving it up in my mind and I thought why not.

It’s not quite like when I made a decision to drink only water; no juices or anything sweet. Just water. That was about the same time I lived without a TV for about eighteen months. Must have been my hippy phase. With this alternative Stoptober, I didn’t make a decision to change so it was a very good question. What do I intend to do after the 31st of October? I have to tell you the truth, I am going to drink a nice MUG of caffe latte. That’s what!

Seriously, human beings have an innate capacity to accomplish tremendous things. The fact that the life coaching industry is one of the fastest growing industry in the world is testament to this. Yet it’s ironic that all a coach does is assist in helping individuals see the possibilities – the individual still has to do the work. So there is no such thing as I CAN’T give up coffee. It’s I DON’T want to give it up or I’m NOT ready to give it up fully. When I am, I will. It would be interesting though to see the stats on the number of people who pay for coaching but don’t make any changes – but I digress.

The capacity to change what I don’t like about my life, lies primarily with me. The older and hopefully wiser one gets, you quit blaming others for your lack of accomplishment or success in certain areas. Where I can’t dig deep enough it’s wise to seek help, knowledge, understanding- but it’s all there within. Again I reiterate the words of John C Maxwell, “you can’t manage a decision you haven’t made“. When I find myself going round and round in circles, then I have to make peace with myself and accept I am not ready for change and quit moaning. Sometimes, we have to do that but the one thing I won’t allow myself to accept are the words I CAN’T. I may not be ready for change but when the time is right, I CAN.

Who knew coffee could have such a profound effect? 🙂

Alternative Stoptober: Day 20

A good night’s sleep beats coffee any day or so I’m finding out. Without having coffee to wake me up in the morning, I’ve had to find alternative ways of being alert. Apart from chewing gum (which I had previously given up) and getting up from my desk every five minutes, I’ve discovered that a proper night’s rest is the best way to be alert.

Whether it’s due to age or just the fact that my life is mega packed at the moment, I have to be asleep by 11.00pm to get a great night’s rest. 11.30pm is my limit. Anything after that is stretching it. As I’m usually up by 6.00am, 11.00pm will give me a good seven hours.

I used to be able to stay up till 1.00am believe it or not. And up untill about nine months ago, that’s what I did. I have graciously accepted that I can’t function like that anymore. Besides it makes me a better person the next day. I’m just going to ensure I manage my time better during the day to get other stuff done.

Will be interesting to find out if I can morph into a morning person after decades of being a night owl.

Alternative Stoptober: Day 16

OK so I know I’ve had a bit of a moan about not having coffee. I have to relunctantly accept that my head is actually clearer without the stuff. I’m more alert which is ironic as the only reason I drink it is to be alert. I actually feel better on the inside.

When I drive to London, which quite often, I tend to a certain energy drink because it ‘gives me wings’. ROTFL. However I haven’t felt the need to since Stoptober.

Funny enough a colleague’s daughter was in hospital overnight due to taking an energy drink. She was having extreme palpitations and has to be in hospital for a couple of days. That’s got me thinking about stimulants and what are the natural stimulants I could have.

Hmmm. Stoptober is proving to be beneficial after all. Untill the next rant that is.

Alternative Stoptober: Day 7

Just want Coffee really. No real reason other than it tastes nice. I had lunch with friends over the weekend and they offered me decaf. 😐 You don’t notice the difference in taste until you have to give it up. Quite distinct.

Herbal tea and hot chocolate just aren’t doing it for me especially as the early sting of Autumn creeps in.

24 more days to go. It’s not working is it? I’ll be back on coffee in full force at the end of October. 😦

Alternative Stoptober: Day 3

All stocked up now on herbal tea. Starting with Twining and looking forward to Pukka.
I’ve always relied on my latte or cappuccino to get me through a busy day. Somehow normal tea doesn’t do it for me, never has. So it’s herbal tea for me, which I have without sugar or honey. It’s really refreshing but I miss the coffee on a stressful day. Somehow calming camomile doesn’t quite cut it at that point. Ah well! Moving forward.


Alternative Stoptober: Day 1

I had forgotten it was the first of October. I attended my son’s Year Three assembly this morning and was quite looking forward to having coffee over a pre-assembly chat with other parents. Then it hit me, STOPTOBER. No coffee for one month!

If you see a lady going round smelling other people’s coffee. That’ll be me.


Alternative Stoptober: Apparently I’m Addicted to Coffee

A colleague of mine is giving up coke for Stoptober as he doesn’t smoke. He used to consume twenty-four cans of coke a day. It’s down a bit but he would like to give it up. He and another colleague have a jar in which they contribute a pound for every coke they drink. They have £36 in there from about 6 weeks worth of coke. So it’s getting better-ish.

As I sat there gaping, another colleague said I should give up coffee for the month.  Which can only mean that she’s noticed I drink a lot of coffee. People in glass houses moment. It’s the darn coffee machine! I only used to have one a day, if that. Now it’s like three to four, if not more a day. It’s a lot more than I would like to be honest but when you have the choice of latte and cappuccino on tap – for me I need strong willpower. So I agreed to give up coffee to support him. 🙂

I’d been trying to stock up on herbal tea at the office for a while but never got round to doing it. Think this is now my opportunity to kick the habit.