What If This Is As Good As It Gets?

This is the question posed by Jack Nicholson in the movie As Good As It Gets. I love that line in the movie and I often pose it to myself. What if ………. THIS …………is as good as it gets?

What if you don’t get that promotion?
What if you never get to meet that guy?
What if you never get married?
What if you don’t get that job?
What if after all that hard work the business fails?
What if you can’t have children?
What if you never have children?
What if your dream job doesn’t exist?
What if no one thinks you are good enough?
What if you can’t make it work?
What if it’s taking forever?
What if all your dreams never come true?

Will you spend your life being miserable? Is THIS as good as it gets?

There are a few responses, I guess, to the what ifs of life.

1. NO – I’m not even going to think about It, it’s going to happen by hook or by crook.
2. If it doesn’t happen I’ll die!
3. Well since it’s not going to happen I’m not even going to try.
4. It’s a possibility it won’t happen but so is the possibility that it may.

I’m sure there are a few more options but I’ll stop at four.

It’s somewhat arrogant to think that everything you ever hope for and desire will happen to you. There is optimism and there is arrogance because to think that it will always happen, the way you want it to, is to suppose that you are somewhat more special than the others for whom it does not occur. After all, we are all special.

In the words of Forrest Gump, “life is not a box of chocolates”. When life gives us lemons we just have to make – you guessed it, another quote – lemonade.

You could keep hope alive, give up, pray, work harder, keep going, get upset, accept the situation for what it is – there are a number of ways to handle the what ifs. Whatever the outcome or our stance, you and I have got to figure a way to be happy or at least content, irrespective of our what ifs.