Like a Virgin, Touched for the Very First Time

If the plants and shrubs in my garden could sing, this is what you’ll hear them singing. I have simply been reluctant to tackle our garden and it has suffered neglect as a result.

I’ve been planning to get my friend over to help me out. (as I mentioned in Blackberry Crush) However due to our garden being a mini version of the amazon forest, I thought I’d better clear it up first. The weird thing is that I am interested in gardening, always have been since I studied Agricultural Science for O’levels. My teacher was so inspiring that for a while I wanted to be a farmer.

Never mind a farm now, I’ll settle for a tidy garden.

First things first. We needed to get the garden cleared and looking more habitable for humans rather than for beasts of the forest. Thankfully you can always pay someone to do that 😉 and fortunately the local milkman, also moonlights as a gardener. I know! So we are now able to get someone who knows what he is doing to help us maintan a decent garden. Our garden must be singing ‘I’ve been kissed but I never knew love like this’.

As life would have it, I got a crash course in planting when my friend gave my children two strawberry plants. She thought they would love them after they picked strawberries from her garden in July.

I was thinking, what exactly am I meant to do with them? I tried to give them back by saying I’ve never planted before. Didn’t work. She simply said I should put them in a bigger pot or plant them in the ground. I interpreted that as it’s not that difficult. So I took them and attempted to plant them.

First we (we being I whilst my children watched) identified where we would plant them, after days of sitting forlorn on the kitchen windowsill. Then we proceeded to dig a hole with a small shovel I found in the shed.

I’m afraid the hole doesn’t look as deep as it actually was.

Then we plant them.

Next year we should know if I did it right or not and hopefully the garden will be singing , ‘I’m still standing; yeah, yeah, yeah!!!’ 🙂

Next on the agenda are some sunflower seeds which I think should have been planted in June. Oops!