The Olympic Dream

The Olympics.

That moment in time when my children imagine they can be anyrhing they want to be.

They are swift to drop every activity and pick up a new one.

They want to participate in athletics, diving, swimming, fencing, archery and even shooting. No sport is beyond their reach.

The Olympics.

That time when everyone sitting on their sofa watching is a winner.

For in that moment, we overlook the dedication, blood and sweat of the past four years.

We can’t see the sleepless nights and the pains endured.

We can’t see the sprains, strains and daily jabs required to just keep a limb immobile.

All we see is the glory. The cheers. The winning. The gold!

I wonder if I explained to my children how much they’d have to give up to attain this glory, would they still want to?  

If I told that chocolate and crisps do not constitute the food of champions.
If I told them that champions don’t spend their moments winning on Nintendo, Wii or watching TV.

If I told them they would not have time for other activities, playdates or spontaneous days at the park.

Their time, an average of 6 – 7 hours will be spent practising their skill and honing their craft – every day.

I wonder if their commitment would be unwavering?

This is the power of the Olympic dream. We are only interested in the medals, not the pain.

The power of a parent however, is to allow them to dream but make sure they see through an activity they picked up prior to Rio 2016  before they jump onto something else.😂😂😂

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