Never Stop Exploring

Last year, my family and I went on holiday to Spain. We were in Barcelona and wanted to take a cable car from Parc de Montjuïc; to be more precise Montjuïc Hill. I was pretty excited about it. As we came out if the station I saw this man with a Northface fleece that read, “Never Stop Exploring”. I wrote it down.

As adults we tend to lose our curiosity and sense of wonder as responsibilities increase. Curiosity is the reason children kill you with incessant why’s. Without that thirst we live placid lives.

Curiosity is the beginning of the learning. And learning always excites. Curiosity is why we travel miles away from home to see the world. It opens up so many options. Learning a new language or skill, meeting new people, starting a business, inventing a product – curiosity leads to endless possibilities.

Resist the urge to quell your curiosity. Never stop exploring life.







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