Thought of the Day

Place priority on building your inner-being and you’ll build a foundation that lasts a lifetime.


Thought of the Day

We often carry a lot of emotional baggage around with us either thrust upon us in our childhood or recent past. It could be as a result of feeling unloved as a child or the burden of sexual abuse.

Baggage might not always come from a tragic experience. When people place certain expectations of you, it could become an onerous cross to bear. Whatever baggage we have, wisdom tells us that it’s better to let it go.

How we may go about that may be different for everyone. Some find help in their faith others may require professional help. However it happens, the journey starts with a decision to travel light.


School Run Fail

So we’ve had two days of school and already I’ve been unaware of an Easter journal assignment due on the first day back; we’ve left ‘our’ sports kit at home but we managed to take ‘our’  sports shoes with us so that’s alright then (I use we but it wasn’t me really); and I (this was all me) forgot to replace lost swimming trunks so for today’s lesson my son might have to go skinny dipping.

So yep! It’s all going well. Make me feel better by sharing any stories of commiseration.