What’s The Point of Make-Up?

I can already tell that my soon to be ten-year-old son is trying to understand women. He has joined the long line of men who will never find the answer.  Hahahahaha. Yet he keeps asking questions.

For instance, when I told him I would be attending a catwalk show a few months ago, he asks, “What’s the point in that? Women dressing up and walking up and down”, and then proceeds to mimic a model strutting down the catwalk a.k.a Zoolander. He ends with hand on hip, asks “what’s the point in that?”, rhetorically I guess.

A feeling of dread is coming over me and I thought I should try and weigh in with a point or two. Not that I’m a proponent of fashion but I didn’t want him to denigrate what a lot of people have made successful careers out of.  Who am I  kidding?  I didn’t want him to think I was shallow. Hahahahaha. So in a very Meryl Streep-esque speech in The Devil Wears Prada, I proceed to lecture him on how fashion provides jobs for buyers, magazines, photographers, designers, etc. Lost on him! Totally lost on him. *smh*

Then this morning, as I’m putting on my lipstick he asks why I use lipstick. Now I’m nervous – this must surely be a trap. Before I had a chance to respond he asks, “Do you think it makes you look more attractive?” If there ever was a moment that I was stomped, this was one. If I said yes, I think it makes me look more attractive, will he think women need make-up to be attractive? And if I say no, then we have another what’s the point conversation. I decided to go with I like the colour and how it looks on me. So I ask him, do you think it makes me look attractive, he says yes.*blank space*

What do I make of all this? Well number one, never ask a nine-year-old boy does my bum look big in this? And number two, don’t bother explaining all of the above to him, because of course he’s a Martian and there’s nothing I, as a Venusian, can do to help him with that.


They make up the lyrics to a song
The taunts of a bully
They can lift up the soul; up and up and up
They can also crush a soul and scrape at the fibre of its existence
They can express love
Love comes alive when silken, lyrical words are spoken
True, actions may speak louder than words
Yet there is no substitute for the acumen of the right word
Succinct and true
Words do not need to be long
Brevity is golden
Brevity is indeed required in cybersphere
A plethora of words whooshing about in space
So many words
Heaven only knows how many words 
Yet I fear there is so little understanding
As people massacre themselves with words
Abused and misused
Words are shaped into weapons of destruction
If we restlessly choose to beat each up with words
Over and over and over and over
There will be very few words left to say
©RWW 2016