What is a Vision Board?

Ever since I decided to run a Vision Board Workshop, I’ve been asked the question, “what is a vision board” several times.

Simply put, it’s a mood board for your life  or a pictorial representation of your goals.

The reason most people don’t like New Year’s resolutions is because they end the year not achieving what they set out to do and that brings them down. One of the reason why we don’t achieve what we set out to do, is simply that life happens and we forget how important the goals are in the first place. In the face of competing priorities, the most urgent thing always wins.

A Vision Board, placed where you can see it daily, serves as that daily reminder to spur you on in spite of the competing priorities.

Don’t wait until 2016 to start thinking about what you’d like to accomplish with the year. Come along to this workshop and you’ll have the space to crystallise your dream and gain clarity on your aspirations, whatever they may be.

Early Bird offer extended till the 27th of November 2015.
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