A Promise is a Promise is a Promise is a ……

All weekend my daughter had been begging me to take her to the park. No one else was interested in an outdoorsy weekend but she kept asking. Not being of sound mind at the time, I promised to take her. I’m not sure what I was thinking either because any wise parent knows you never never NEVER promise a child anything. Not EVER!  

With her license to kill me with incessant “mummy when are we going to the park?”, I finally gave in at 4.30 today when most people were leaving the park and it was getting dark.


 She took rollerblading lessons a couple of years ago and she’s determined to pick it up again. So once we got back from church about noon, she voluntarily packed her bag and shin pads and bounded down the stairs expectantly. Little did she know it would almost four hours later before we did anything. 

As we left my husband looked at the time and gave me that looked that said at this time? I said, “I promised”. So off to the park we went. 



Thanks to her, I got to see lovely autumnal scenes at  Jesus Green as well as privilege of being able to make my little Wonder Woman happy.



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