Très Embrassing

I rue the day instant messaging was created. 

People don’t walk over to you anymore, they chat – even when they are sitting across from you.

A colleague of mine asked me a question today and I wanted to say, “give me a sec”, but ended up saying “give me a sex”.  It could only have been worse if I had said “give me sex”. Boy was I wrong.

I laughed it off and he joked about involving HR. A few minutes later, I contact another colleague about something else and he responds, “would you like some sex from me too?”

I rue the day IM was created!!!!!

Feel free to share your embarassing moments, if only to make me feel better. 

Give Me Strength 

Every night I iron school clothes for the next day.

Every night I put the clothes on the same spot, on the bed in the spare room. 

Every morning I tell my children where the clothes are.

YET, I am still asked, “mummy where are my clothes?”

Today, I refused to answer that question for fear that it might incriminate me in future crimes against my children.

Give me strength!!!!