An Extraordinary Adventure

When I created my Vision Board at the start of the year, I encouraged my children to make one as well. My daughter placed at the very top of hers, ‘an extraordinary adventure’.

We are not yet sure what that means but it involves travelling and outdoorsy stuff from what I’ve gleaned so far. To date we’ve only got as far as Chessington and going on a roller coaster. 

Today they have been driving me up the wall in the house so I chased them out to the garden with a ball my son won at a fair yesterday.

After about ten minutes, my daughter runs back into the house because she saw a fly.

Really?????? She’s not going to get very far is she if flies stop her from having fun. *deadpan face*  So much for an extraordinary adventure *side eye*.

I chased her back outside of course. No fly is going to get in the way of my peace.


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