Create Experiences With Your Children

There’s a lot of pressure to do and be what you can’t afford in order to make your kids happy, particularly over the school holidays. Eight to ten weeks with children off school can prove to be very costly.

I’ve discovered that creating experiences lasts a lot longer in the memories of my children and does not require a lot of money. Just my time and listening to my kids.

I say listen because half the things we spend money on for our children is of little interest to them. I am regularly astounded by the number of things we’ve done that they can’t remember.

I have learnt that children like to run around and hang out with their parents. If you can do that, 90% of the job is done. Anything else is a bonus.

On one of the few sunny days we’ve had this summer, I was busy searching for activities to do and they all cost a lot of money. My kids just wanted to go out in the sun and run around. They’ll make very cheap dates 🙂

We proceeded to the South Bank; took selfies by London Eye, saw the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben; watched some Ghanaian gymnastics and a lady with gigantic bubble wands then they ran around in the play ground.

Two very satisfied kids. It cost very little and they had maximum satisfaction.

Experiences are highly valued by children and they place a high premium on quality time with parents. 

10 things guaranteed to bring maximum satisfaction to my children:

  1. Tickling
  2. Playing games in the garden
  3. Arts and craft of their choice
  4. Board games
  5. Movie hour with home made popcorn
  6. Going for a walk
  7. Picking blackberries in our garden
  8. Cooking together and letting them help
  9. Talking about our day at bedtime
  10. Reading to them

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