In Praise Of The Unromantic Husband

When I got married, I remember feeling intense pressure for my marriage to mirror that of others around me; particularly in the area of romance.

However as God would have it, my husband isn’t really romantic. He has his moments but I wouldn’t say it’s his natural habitat. There are many things that my husband doesn’t do that I wish he would do. He’s just not romantic and so he doesn’t say I love you every second of the day. He doesn’t plan weekends away. He doesn’t see the point of eating out in a fancy restaurant. There are many things I really really wish he would do. I kind of think, they would make my life richer.  Like diamonds and pearls……… but my life would be so so empty without him.

He doesn’t say I love you with his lips but he burns it into my soul with his eyes. And when he gives me that look, I feel like there is no one else on the face of the earth but us. I become a shy little teenager and can’t stop the smile that splays across my face. Under the gaze of that look, he speaks a million and one things that words could never express. And my heart is full.

So after ten years of marriage, I’ve learnt not to wish for so many things in a way that destroys the love we do have. I have learnt to appreciate what he does do. Like the fact that he wants the absolute best for me and is my greatest cheerleader. Like the fact that he doesn’t demand that I alter myself or my STRONG opinions. Like the fact that he wants me to be happy often at great expense to himself. The fact that he remembers what my favourite chocolate is and randomly surprises me with it. The fact that he is a content being, never dragging us from pillar to post in search of nirvana.

So yeah, I don’t get the romantic dinners and mushy words and the diamonds I constantly nag him about, but I’ve got a really great man too.

Happy 10th wedding anniversary darling. I love you more!



9 thoughts on “In Praise Of The Unromantic Husband

  1. Happy wedding anniversary to you Tomi and ur wonderful hubby. Thanks for making me remember to celebrate the differences in my husband and love him more for it. May your union see many more years with greater love and glory! have a “romantice filled” day!!!

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