A Room Full Of Love

I went to a friend’s wedding over the weekend and I was reminded of something that has been resonating in my heart this year. 

My friend was what you would term an ‘older’ bride. A day shy of forty, she was as true to herself as I know her to be.

Her makeup didn’t make her look like a stranger; her dress was elegant with no trace of flamboyance; her train was filled with her nieces and children of one of her closest friends; everyone who was special to her, had a significant part to play in the day; her joy was effervescent and infectious. She was herself, the best version of herself that the world doesn’t always get to see.

As we progressed from the church ceremony to taking photographs; to the reception and then the after party, I was struck by one thing that sums up the whole day for me. They got married in a room full of love. 

There were no strangers at the wedding. In fact it was so intimate that there was only room for family and close friends. You could tell that everyone in the room had a relationship with them and the presence of love in the room was breathtaking.

I looked round the room at different points during the day, most of us had spent the best of at least eight hours with them. It was a Friday, which meant for a huge chunk of us, we took time off work.  For me, the thought of not being there, was unimaginable. We’d shared so many moments together and I wasn’t going to miss this one. I suspect for the best part of the room, that was the case.

At forty seconds to midnight, everyone started a countdown to the bride’s fortieth birthday. Ushered in by a kiss from her husband and cheers from loved ones singing happy birthday; I couldn’t imagine a better way to celebrate life.

My thoughts along the year have been about true friendship. And I’ve concluded that it really is important to remember in whatever I celebrate in life to make sure I am surrounded by a room full of love. 

It’s the most important element; more than the venue, food, decor, ambience, etc. If there is no love in the room, it’s guaranteed to leave you empty.

I have no doubt that my friend’s heart was full to the brim. How could it not be? In a room full of love.




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