Good Times + Bad Times = Life

In the early hours of today, unfortunately, there was a stabbing on East Road in Cambridge, which resulted in the police closing the road. This was my route to my kid’s school and work. I will now be listening to traffic news before I leave home.

I left home slightly late, but with still enough time, to find our usual route closed and every other route jam packed as a result of it. Cambridge roads are like the human nervous system. One blockage, affects the whole body. Total grid-lock.

A journey that usually takes 20 minutes sometimes less, took 45 minutes today with the result that my kids were 40 minutes late for school and of course, I was late for work.

When I dropped them off, I had to take a moment to compose myself. It’s so frustrating when you do everything you possibly can and conditions beyond your control take charge. Very frustrating. So I’m sitting there asking myself why I didn’t take another route? Why didn’t I listen to traffic news? Even why didn’t I sense this? I know, right?

You see, I’m a recovering perfectionist and everything is supposed to work out perfectly if I put in the right effort. News flash to self, that’s not life!

Good Times + Bad Times = Life

My day wasn’t ruined because I had done something wrong or not done something right. It was just starting off on a bad note. That’s life. And sometimes, life just sucks. End of.

There will always be times when you just have to take a humongous breath and in my case, pray, that my day gets better. After all, in the words of Scarlett O’Hara, “tomorrow is another day”.


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