Mini Golf Date? No Thanks

My kids and I went to play mini golf today. It was my first time and their second. Predictably, I found it tedious and well …. boring. 

For this reason I was shocked to find that this was the venue for a date for some couples. I would have to be really googly eyes over the hills in lust for someone to put myself through that. 

I think if I did come again it would be with a large group of people with other kids. They seemed to have the most fun and cheers. 




2 thoughts on “Mini Golf Date? No Thanks

  1. Weeeeeelllll. Firstly you shouldve taken part. Secondly you’re not an Aunty who doesn’t have the luxury of saying ‘slit my wrists now’ and thirdly you’re not as competitive as me 😝😝😝. We had tonnes of fun when we went!!!

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