The Hatton Garden 7 Should Have Watched Oceans 11

OK so nine have been arrested now but nine doesn’t rhyme with eleven. LOL.

There is just no excuse for a poorly executed heist when George Clooney, Brad Pitt et al went through the effort of Oceans 11, Oceans 12 AND Oceans 13. I mean what were these guys thinking? Didn’t they do their research?

Hollywood has gone to great lengths to teach us how to steal. We had the Sting with Paul Newman and Robert Redford; Bonnie and Clyde: Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway;  Inside Man – Denzel Washington; Entrapment – Sean Connery; Thomas Crown Affair – Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo and so many more.

Every age had a film. These men are aged 43 to 76. They would have had a movie or two in their time to help them along. If they decided that their God given brains were purposed for theft, then the least they could have done was to steal properly and with excellence. As for the 76 year old, all I can say is wisdom doesn’t come with age.

_82305755_jewellery_heist_624 56d8c48a-192b-4b65-a2f4-f196447a93df-620x372

Shame on them for being caught and with the goods still on them for that matter. Clearly they didn’t take a leaf out of Danny Ocean’s book. Incredulous! They should be shunned by all other true heisters. Shame!

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