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Mini Golf Date? No Thanks

My kids and I went to play mini golf today. It was my first time and their second. Predictably, I found it tedious and well …. boring. 

For this reason I was shocked to find that this was the venue for a date for some couples. I would have to be really googly eyes over the hills in lust for someone to put myself through that. 

I think if I did come again it would be with a large group of people with other kids. They seemed to have the most fun and cheers. 



40 Days To 40

I’ve always hated the phrase, ‘life begins at 40’ just because I think it would be really sad if one didn’t start living till they are 40. However as I approach 40, I get what they mean. It’s the resurgence of purpose after deducing that you’ve probably spent half your life already. ROTFL πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 

However, rather than feel old I’m sooooo excited.  I’ve been bugging my Facebook friends with status updates since the start of the year. I’m not planning a party or anything but I’m excited anyway. I mean it’s the big 4-0. This is the age when all things are possible. 

Embracing our current age is something that I think most women struggle with. When I led a youth group, I was intrigued to find that boys were fine with being in the group, but it was always the girls who were concerned about doing what older women were doing and would dip in and out of the group. There is always this restlessness to be in a different time and space and not the one we are in. 

I’ve embraced being 40 with great ease. Maybe because I’ve spent the last three years telling myself I’m 40 so it wouldn’t be a shock when I actually got to 40. Hahahahahaha. Loopy but it worked. 

I am also overwhelmed by an immense sense of thanksgiving for the life I have. It’s not perfect but it’s been a journey that keeps getting better. If I’m honest, life began at 25 for me, but 40? This is a new beginning that has unknown, limitless and exciting possibilities.

To quote Brigitte Bardot,

Every age can be enchanting, provided you live within it.



So class of ’75, embrace your new beginning with hope, joy and sass!  Wooo hooo!




Teaching My Daughter The Piano

I need my head examined.  A few months ago my older sister told me she was teaching my niece how to drive.  My response was, “this is relationship disaster waiting to happen”. Then I found myself teaching my daughter how to play the piano and I wished I had taken my own advice.

Due to the fact that I can play the piano, I take a serious interest in their practice but there is that fine line between being a tiger mum who inflicts music on her child and pushing your child to be diligent.  At the moment I’m veering left of tiger mum. 

I’m conscious that I want her to have an enjoyable experience but she has a knack, perhaps it’s the second born syndrome, of waiting for the answers to be given to her – what I refer to as a princess syndrome. She knows what to do but would rather someone else told her what to do or do it for her. It’s infuriating to the say the least because she knows it. So for the sake of my heart and our relationship, I think I’ll leave teaching to her tutor. Clearly I am not gifted to be a teacher.


A Little Change At a TIme

So this year to motivate me, I adopted a Vision board as a visual aid of all the things I want in my life this year and probably the next five or so, God willing.


If you know me, my bug bear is preachers, life coaches and anyone else who propagates a message of you-can-attain-your-dreams-without-any-action-required on your part. Maybe that’s why I hate the term New Year’s Resolution.

We are almost half way through the year. Now is a good time to take a step back, assess, plan, re-jig and re-boot.

There’s no point in beating yourself up if you haven’t accomplished all you wanted. There are still six months left to make the right changes. In fact if we start today, we have six months and eight days.

Let’s do this!


The Hatton Garden 7 Should Have Watched Oceans 11

OK so nine have been arrested now but nine doesn’t rhyme with eleven. LOL.

There is just no excuse for a poorly executed heist when George Clooney, Brad Pitt et al went through the effort of Oceans 11, Oceans 12 AND Oceans 13. I mean what were these guys thinking? Didn’t they do their research?

Hollywood has gone to great lengths to teach us how to steal. We had the Sting with Paul Newman and Robert Redford; Bonnie and Clyde: Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway;  Inside Man – Denzel Washington; Entrapment – Sean Connery; Thomas Crown Affair – Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo and so many more.

Every age had a film. These men are aged 43 to 76. They would have had a movie or two in their time to help them along. If they decided that their God given brains were purposed for theft, then the least they could have done was to steal properly and with excellence. As for the 76 year old, all I can say is wisdom doesn’t come with age.

_82305755_jewellery_heist_624 56d8c48a-192b-4b65-a2f4-f196447a93df-620x372

Shame on them for being caught and with the goods still on them for that matter. Clearly they didn’t take a leaf out of Danny Ocean’s book. Incredulous! They should be shunned by all other true heisters. Shame!