Day 7 Action

The one thing I hate is people being down on themselves. There is kicking yourself for doing something you shouldn’t have done and there is negative, counter-productive, soul destroying behaviour which must be eliminated if the real you is ever going to emerge.

The action for today is to bless someone with your uniqueness. This morning, I was thinking about how I could go about instigating it. I got to work and to be honest, I had forgotten about the action. Then a colleague of mine emails me about being overwhelmed. It turns out that it wasn’t about workload but more to do with skill sets.  His job had evolved over the past few months and he was being asked to deliver work he lacked the skill sets for. He is excellent at what he does but the evolving role is challenging. What is weird is that this is making him question his competence and confidence as a whole.

It’s clearly not his fault and I did not need to think about what to say I simply told him three things:

  • ​You are great at what you do
  • It’s not hopeless, you have choices. Redefine your role with management which includes training needs or look for a new job that utilises your skill sets.
  • Incompetence isn’t the issue, it’s making a square peg fit in a round hole. Something will have to give as it’s not a right fit.
Then he said, thanks for making me feel better. I’ve got my boost for the rest of the day. 🙂
​I’d forgotten one crucial lesson, you don’t have to force or fake who you really are. Once a circumstance arises that warrants your uniqueness, you will instinctively act. That’s how you know the real you.
OK. lunch break over. How are you getting on with your action?

Easter Joke

I’ve been teaching my kids basic kitchen skills like chopping safely with a knife, whisking, how to use the blender, etc.

I had a couple of cakes to bake this weekend so we were perfecting egg cracking. I worked out how to explain it to my daughter and by the end of the day she was cracking eggs perfectly. No more shells in the batter or egg in the table.

As I’m mixing the batter she walks up to me and says “mummy, guess what?” I say, “what?” She responds, “I am now an eggs-pert at cracking eggs”. And with a twinkle in her eyes she leans forward and says, “geddit?”

My sisters will no doubt say she has inherited my rubbish sense of humour.

WordPress Issues

Apologies for all the empty posts you’ve been getting. I’m having issues with my WordPress apps.

Do any other WordPress user find that when they schedule their posts on an iPhone or iPad, it gets published immediately? Please let me know if you have a solution.

Very annoying WordPress!

Let It Be Known, You Can’t Please Everyone

No matter how good you are or how solid your intentions are, there will always be people on the face of this earth that will disagree with you or even see your good actions in a negative way.

You can’t please everyone so you can only be true to yourself and act with the sincerest of motives.

If people are not going to be happy anyway, you might as well make sure YOU are happy with your actions. And in the future if you think differently, you’ll amend your actions accordingly.

And as I type, this I’m well aware that this goes for those I disagree and agree with. That’s life.

Funniest April Fools’ Joke

People actually bought it and were giving recommendations. Where exactly is the breast milk meant to come from?

I wasn’t sure though as in this crazy world, anything goes. Read the post on

Baby Bottle Dripping

BREAST MILK… The new alkaline ingredient and health trend for 2015. Recent research has shown that drinking breast milk as an adult can help reduce risk of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. In some ways it makes sense to me as we get all the minerals and nutrients we need from it as a child and it’s the closest in hormone levels to what we need where as the levels in animal milk is too high for us to metabolise. We have done an article on the site about the pros and cons… Would you make a matcha breast milk milkshake? well if you want to we have a recipe for one in the article. #honestlyhealthy #healthy #alkaline #healthyliving #breastmilk #healthtrends

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