Big Hero 6 is Better Than Frozen

After church yesterday, I spontaneously decided to take the kids to see Big Hero 6. We heard an advert on the radio or perhaps it was on T.V and the immortal words were mentioned, “better than Frozen”. The gauntlet had not only been thrown, it had been flung at us – namely my daughter and I. Surely nothing could be better than Frozen????!!!! Sacrilege.

Just to give it some perspective. I don’t like animation. I find them lame. The last one that really gripped me was the Little Mermaid and I was a teenager at the time. I’ve always taken my children to see them with the feeling of being tortured. Frozen changed that for me. Yes they were princesses and stick thin but at least it wasn’t about romance, it was about family and sisterhood. Being one of four girls, it resonated with me. I loved Frozen. However, knowing my track record, I did not expect much from Big Hero 6.

Big mistake! It was awesome. A gripping tale about two brothers; one a child prodigy and the other a robotics genius and a robot. Without giving too much away I’ll try and say six things (geddit? Hero 6, 6 things? I crack myself up)… so as I was saying; I’ll try and say six things that make Big Hero 6 better than Frozen.

  1. There is absolutely no romance in it – not even a hint.
  2. There isn’t a princess or heiress in sight – by default that means no saccharine coloured princess dress.
  3. It made science inspiring and I dreaded those subjects at school. I left the cinema thinking I should take a short course in robotics.
  4. It tackled bereavement in an honest way.
  5. It was closer to real life despite the element of fantasy that girded the movie.
  6. It got my children to agree that it was better than Frozen without any tears.

I’m going to watch it again. Well done Disney! All you have to do now is work on the body shapes. 😉

My review:
Spellbinding, Awesome, In a League of it’s own. – RWW



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