Christmas Cracker

We were invited to a Christmas party and my children, along with a friend, spent the whole night pulling every single Christmas cracker at the party – I mean EVERY single Christmas cracker. Never mind that the hosts might have been saving it for their own purposes. šŸ™ˆšŸ™ˆšŸ™ˆ

Of course their motivation was the mini tug of war that takes place as you pull the cracker and ultimately the gift within. They got lots of gifts, seeing as they took ownership of all the crackers, but there was a special gift that my children were very secretive about.

I overheard arguments over who cracked open this mysterious gift. It was me, no it was me. This went on for a few days until their dad banned them from arguing over it. Then I was told this gift would be my Christmas present and of course for the next few days I was begged to open my present.

Unfortunately for them, I’m a traditionalist. I firmly believe that presents only ever ought to be opened on Christmas Day. Not Christmas Eve, not even before Christmas lunch. Only after you’ve consumed enough food and drink to sink a ship can the presents be opened. Every kid’s worst nightmare really.

However when tradition meets whiny, persistent, persuasive and argumentative children, tradition unashamedly takes a bow. I opened the present at 8.00am before we went to church and then I understood why.

The gift was a pair of ‘diamond’ earrings. I’m not sure what the earrings are made of or whether my ears would react to the nickel or rather lack of nickel in it. I had no choice – I was going to wear them. That is the definition of love! šŸ˜

Seeing the look of pride on their faces, It was all worth it.



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