How My Love For John Legend Began

It all started when I met my husband. There was an independent record shop on Edgware road in London (sadly it has since closed down). My husband passed this shop on his way to work daily and subsequently visited the shop daily. He would buy new indie CD’s that were not mainstream yet – the shop owner was like the Jools Holland of record shops. He always knew what to look out for and had a brilliant ear for music. So in 2003 my husband was introduced to a man called John Legend and by default I was introduced to him. I’ll be honest, I didn’t like the music all that much but he had me at Ordinary people. So I became a John Legend fan circa 2003/4. His music has a special place in my heart because it was the soundtrack to the year we met. Can you hear the violin strings?

On our honeymoon, we went to New Orleans, and discovered that we just missed his concert; literally by hours. We were so gutted. And for the past nine years, I’ve been waiting for John Legend to come to the UK. Last year I put him on my bucket list and decided that I would plan a trip to the States if necessary to see him in concert. ​I constantly barraged his Facebook page to ask when he was coming to the UK, but nothing. Then it happened, May 2014, an announcement that he would be coming.


I screamed. Called my husband – and that was my first mistake – and, regrettably, he didn’t seem so keen to go. May begat June, then begat July, then begat August and then begat September and I watched John Legend come and go. I almost went to Oslo but we had no options for childcare. By the time he, my husband that is, decided he wanted to go, the tickets were fewer and so expensive. I sadly decided to let it go aka Frozen style not without telling my husband that it was HIS fault.

​Just on an aside. this isn’t the first time this sort of this has happened whereby I’ve lost out because I wanted to go with my husband. There was the Olympics, Michael Jackson (OK he passed away), the Queen’s Centenary street party (OK it eventually rained all day) and now this. After 9 years of marriage you would think I would have learned to just do my own thing, but nooooo. I have to be all romantic and lovey dovey, two-peas-in-a-pod-kind-of-person. Well enough! I used to go to the theatre and cinema on my own. If I did it then, I can do it now. So I have calmly informed him that next time I’ll book two tickets and if he can’t make it I’ll take a friend. To which he wisely agreed was for the best. 🙂

Back to my story. So you can imagine my excitement when I got a text from O2 informing me that John Legend would be back next year and the tickets would be sold that morning. Did I wait? No. Did I consult my husband first? Heck NO! I went on-line and bought the tickets and THEN told
him. And so in June 2015, John Legend and I will finally be in the same room together, albeit with my husband and 17,000+ other people. Can’t wait. 🙂


PS I just did a similar thing with tickets to see Julia Donaldson’s Stickman at the theatre. Seems I’ve discovered it pays to walk alone – sometimes


2 thoughts on “How My Love For John Legend Began

  1. Yay you 🙂
    I used to have a husband like that. Then when I started just doing my thang, he got upset. Glad yours allows you to be you & to go do whatever makes you happy. John legend is awesome, you are going to have a freak out good time!

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