Words of Wisdom

I sat next to an eighty-eight year old lady after church on Sunday. We starting talking and she began to tell me about some of her health problems. I was intrigued by her. Firstly, I never would have guessed she was eighty-eight. She looked more like seventy-ish to me. Secondly, as she disclosed each ailment, she ended her sentence with, “but I’m grateful”.

  • She’s got arthritis.
  • Wears hearing aids and still can’t hear well so she lip reads. Which can be a pain when people turn away from her whilst talking, she says. 🙂
  • She has recently been diagnosed with Ménière’s disease which causes dizziness and a loss of balance.
  • Walking and standing can sometimes be difficult for her.
  • She relies on people to take her to about.
  • She is regularly in pain.

Midway through our discussion she said to me:

There is always something to be grateful for. There is always someone worse off than you. Sure I’ve got health issues but I can still talk. I can walk. My brain is still active. I am doing a lot better than most people my age. I am grateful.

I left that conversation a lot wiser.

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