An Over-reliance on Technology

I love technology. I love the internet. I love social media. I love my Kenwood chef mixer. I love any gadget that can make my life easier. One such thing is my Sat Nav. I don’t even bother to look up where I’m going, I just get in the car and plug it in – simples. There have been rare occasions when for some reason the battery failed or it took ages for the GPRS to work or my maps were out of date (my fault) but I love it. However, If it should fail on me on the way to some unfamiliar territory, I’m very certain I would be overwhelmed by panic.

A couple of hours ago, I parked my car outside my children’s school, a few minutes before pick-up time. I was on the phone, talking to my husband, when a lady drove up and proceeded to ram her rear into my car. It was actually hilarious how it happened. One minute I was watching thinking, maybe I should move back for this lady – I got a sense that reversing wasn’t her forte. I dismissed the thought as she had more than enough space. However as she crept closer and closer I tried to hit my horn but it didn’t work. I need to check if that’s because the car was off. That would be odd, wouldn’t it? Modern cars!!!! Anyway, of course my car got a strong kiss from this lady’s car. When she came out, she apologised and said “I don’t know what happened, my sensors didn’t go off. It usually beeps when I’m about too close to something”.

Sigh! Another classic case of placing too much reliance on technology. We are all guilty.

6 thoughts on “An Over-reliance on Technology

  1. This totally made me laugh it’s so true. It like me and my reliance on my GPS. I literally am paralyzed without it. Hell, I still get lost all the time even with it.

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