What Kills a Dream?

1. Growing up – the mindset that it’s a foolish dream and was OK when you were younger but has no place at the ‘table’ of adults.

2. Doubt – thinking you have neither the skills nor the abilities to execute the dream.

3. Unbelief – who in their right mind would entrust such a dream into your care?

4. Procrastination – taking time to verify and question the dream when the reality is you are afraid to start the journey.

5. Lack of Vision – you may start but without direction, you easily veer off course.

6. Lack of a Plan – the devil is in the detail. You need a plan, call it a roadmap, that charts your course to the dream.

7. Perfectionism- waiting for everything to perfect or perfectly executed before you start – really a fear of failure.

8. Fear- the what-if-it-doesn’t-work-out thought which often succeeds in paralysing you.

9. Lack of delegation – thinking you have to accomplish every part of the dream yourself and then not doing anything because you are unable to do it yourself.

10. The size of the dream – focusing on the vision can be overwhelming and can lead you to abandon the dream entirely.


3 thoughts on “What Kills a Dream?

  1. To keep dreaming, we have to keep believing and remain inspired with the smallest things. It is a mindset. What can happen, WILL only happen if we allow ourselves to hope 🙂 great post

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