How To Have a Fight-Free Marriage

Don’t talk!

Seriously, don’t talk at all. It’s when you start to talk that misunderstandings happen. People hear things that they don’t want to hear and a fight brews. In fact, the best thins is not to express an opinion either and you will be fight free.

Of course your relationship will not grow and you’ll never really get to know each other but at least there will be peace in your home – no squabbles about who left the kitchen cupboard door open again, why the dishes aren’t washed immediately and why treat night is essential ;)- is that just us?

Taking two individuals from two different backgrounds, upbringings and values (even when you share values they are upheld to different degrees) and asking them to live together – is a recipe for disaster. Even my sisters and I who grow up together disagree, how much more some individual from Mars.

Communication can unravel or glue a relationship together. And as people grow in their relationships, it’s vital to learn what to say and what not to say. When to say it is also crucial.

What’s fundamental to the success of the relationship and what you can ignore is essentially the litmus test for what to communicate. I think we can live with loo seats being up and anyway who said that was the right way (ducks and hides)

Some of the ‘discussions’ my husband and haven’t always ended with mutual agreement. In fact sometimes I’m left thinking the issue was a lost. Sometimes the only agreement we can reach is that we both disagree but miraculously the next day we understand each other better and we’ve grown together. And that’s down to communication – because despite it all, we’ve listened to each other.

Whenever a couple tells me they never argue I think naah you simply don’t communicate. Live a little – fight, grow and learn.


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