Sibling Rivalry

I have a six year old daughter and a-soon-to-be-eight year old son. Everyone tells me that’s a good age but sometimes I feel meh.

I mean the greatest advantage is that they are independent and can get on with doing things like bathing themselves, preparing a snack and easy breakfast and can entertain themselves. So I guess from that point of view it’s good. However they are both at an age wehre they are asserting their independnce and their relationship can sometimes be … strained… is the best word to use.

I have to first of all be fair. They get on phenomenally well with one another. They are really good friends. I mean I have to separate them at bed time because they are often chatting till late at night. However, there are times when they get on each other’s nerves and it’s time to take cover.

This morning’s issue was toothpaste. Can you believe it? A six and eight year old already acting like an old married couple. My daughter apparently squeezes the toothpaste in the centre and makes it all messy which my son finds abominable. And I heard him saying, “I’ve just spent all this time cleaning up your mess and I don’t EVER want you to use my toothpaste again!” ROTFL. It’s really funny but this actually led to them not talking to each other all the way through breakfast and the ride to school. I think for peace of mind I’ll just get them a tube of toothpaste each. 🙂

I actually chose not to get involved. Firstly it was too early in the morning. Secondly, that’s just life – we don’t always get along. Thirdly, not every thing has to be talked through – you know. I’ll just let nature take it’s course. Of course by the time I picked them up from school they were all chummy again and all loved up.

That’s just the way it goes sometimes.


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