Help, I’ve Started Talking To Myself

So I’ve just finished ironing school uniforms and my clothes for work tomorrow. And whilst doing this I heard myself talking to myself. Very odd thing to hear yourself talking to yourself. Not just one sentence but a full blown conversation.

I had taken this weekend out to tidy up my home which had started to resemble a bomb site. So I declined any social invitations and just focused on tidying up. It had gone better than I had expected. The children and I got a lot done. You know when you’re thinking I can’t go into the new year with this. So I put away summer clothes into the loft; got rid of some clothes and toys; put aside some for charity shop and some for hand-me-down; I dumped anything I hadn’t really looked at in the last six months and of course some very much needed filing. So you could say I was feeling good. I’m not done yet, still have some bits to do and this is where I caught myself talking to myself. Smh.

It actually went like this.

    Me: you got a lot done this weekend.
    Me: yes I did.
    Me: you are not done though. Maybe you should do fifteen minutes bursts during the week rather than wait till the weekend.
    Me: yeah.

This is where is got really odd.

    Me: at least you showed commitment to getting it done. (Talk about being your own cheerleader) 😂😂😂😂😂

At that point, I thought, what the heck is going on. Are you really talking to yourself? Did I forget to mention that this was out loud not in my head. It was like an out of body experience. Tell me I’m not the only one who does this.


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