Alternative Stoptober: Day 24

We had ANOTHER coffee morning at my children’s school yesterday and I got in the queue for hot chocolate. 😦

My friend asked what my plan was from the 31st onwards. Was I going to give it up entirely or go back to the same old same old? Good question. It wasn’t my decision to give up coffee. I was roped into it. It just came along at the same time when I was still exploring giving it up in my mind and I thought why not.

It’s not quite like when I made a decision to drink only water; no juices or anything sweet. Just water. That was about the same time I lived without a TV for about eighteen months. Must have been my hippy phase. With this alternative Stoptober, I didn’t make a decision to change so it was a very good question. What do I intend to do after the 31st of October? I have to tell you the truth, I am going to drink a nice MUG of caffe latte. That’s what!

Seriously, human beings have an innate capacity to accomplish tremendous things. The fact that the life coaching industry is one of the fastest growing industry in the world is testament to this. Yet it’s ironic that all a coach does is assist in helping individuals see the possibilities – the individual still has to do the work. So there is no such thing as I CAN’T give up coffee. It’s I DON’T want to give it up or I’m NOT ready to give it up fully. When I am, I will. It would be interesting though to see the stats on the number of people who pay for coaching but don’t make any changes – but I digress.

The capacity to change what I don’t like about my life, lies primarily with me. The older and hopefully wiser one gets, you quit blaming others for your lack of accomplishment or success in certain areas. Where I can’t dig deep enough it’s wise to seek help, knowledge, understanding- but it’s all there within. Again I reiterate the words of John C Maxwell, “you can’t manage a decision you haven’t made“. When I find myself going round and round in circles, then I have to make peace with myself and accept I am not ready for change and quit moaning. Sometimes, we have to do that but the one thing I won’t allow myself to accept are the words I CAN’T. I may not be ready for change but when the time is right, I CAN.

Who knew coffee could have such a profound effect? 🙂

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