It’s official. Men Get PMS!

Google says the equivalent of PMS, in men, is Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS) discovered by Scottish doctor. I think based on my experience, I’ll have to agree it must be true.

My previous jobs, excluding accountancy, were with not-for-profit organisations that were 90% filled with women and believe me, there were times where you craved for the balance of testosterone. I’m currently working in an IT environment that is 99% male dominated and my goodness it’s not any better.

Firstly, I have to say it’s not all men just like not all women are pre-menstrual ridden but golly I’ve had some experiences that I wasn’t expecting to encounter with men. Literal tantrums like babies throwing their toys out of the pram and I find myself genuinely asking, is it PMS? Or as I’ve just discovered, IMS? Let’s duck for cover.

I have always been an advocate of human behaviour not gender specific behaviour but come one! After watching the display of the boys on the Apprentice, I’m beginning to suspect that there is an agenda to portray men as more alpha male than IMS bound on TV.

So I asked someone if he was available for a job and I got a four paragraphed email to an answer that was simply yes or no.
1) Why didn’t you send an email before this email to tell me I was on the project. Errrr this IS the email.
2) I can do it but I don’t want to.
3) If I have to do it, it’ll be when I say, how I say and where I say.
4) Isn’t there someone else that can do it?

It was basically a lesson in let’s find four different ways to say I don’t want to do it whilst coming across intelligent, knowledgeable and in control of the situation. He failed on all counts and still had to do the work.

It brought out the mummy in me. I felt like saying, “did you get a booboo? Let mummy kiss it better”. *rolls eyes* My husband always jokes that if men could have baby, they’d have them in the morning and be back at work by noon. After my experience in a male dominated environment, I very much doubt that.

It’s good to know that at least on this issue we have established equality in the workplace. Golly!


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