The Right Attitude Is Everything

There are just moments when your children make you proud not because of what they’ve done but because you can see that what you’ve been telling them has miraculously seeped in.

My son is a lot more cautious than my daughter. He takes calculated steps and he, more than her, needs to be encouraged to be fearless. It often shows up in new situations like the first day school, meeting new people, trying out something new, etc.  And I constantly tell him, give it a try; It’s ok if you don’t get it right or you are afraid.

At his age I had started taking music exams so I asked his music teacher to start preparing him for the first grade exams. When I told him, I think in retrospect, the word exam freaked him out a bit. I could see a slight look of concern wash over his face.

He had his lesson yesterday and ,as agreed with his teacher, he was given a grade one piece to practice.  He is actually a very good pianist and I’m not saying that because I’m his mum.  He really is. 🙂 He played it through with very few mistakes which for a first try was not bad at all.

After playing, I asked him how he was feeling about the exam (which by the way is in the distant future)  he replied, “a little bit scared but quite excited at the same time”. I actually yelped and gave him a high five. That attitude is worth much more than passing a thousand exams!!

By George I think he’s got it, I do believe he’s got it !!!


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