Living Life Passionately

I think I’ve said it numerous times and in numerous ways, I hate football. I absolutely abhor it. It does nothing for me and thankfully my husband has been kind enough not to let it overtake our lives so I’m only subjected to Match of the Day. I thought I had escaped a life consumed by football. I really thought I had. :(. How could I have known that my sports addict of a husband and I would spawn an ultra football mad child. 😦 😦 :(. I could not have known. Truly I must have been bad in another life. I blame the World Cup and his school friends. They are solely responsible for the football fanatic that now resides under my roof. He has two hundred and three Panini football cards. I know because he counts them regularly and lays them out with the same ardour that one would use to polish a brand new Ferrari. He can tell you absolutely every player on every team represented at the World Cup. He knows how many duplications of each card that he possesses.  He knows all the managers. He knows the colours of all the flags. I am constantly amazed at how he can connect every conversation to a football fact. I’m like, really??? Now he watches the sports channel all the time. So I didn’t escape the madness it would seem. 😐

Despite my angst and moans, I am fascinated by how a boy who only played football during lunch break, was never awake late enough to watch it with his dad and only knew teams that his friends talked about at school could be so easily consumed by it. It has raised his confidence so much that he’s chatting up random people on the streets and telling them about his cards and players he likes. Also because he is so knowledgeable about the subject, he can boldly have conversations with friends and strangers alike, His geography has improved immensely and he now has a desire to travel to other countries. He drives his sister round the bend with football card games and faux swaps (he always finds a way to get his cards back). I was even forced to become his agent during the World Cup when I inadvertently found myself teaching him how to negotiate with his friends so that when they swapped cards, he got a worthy exchange. :).   It was a funny moment really because he had been convinced by a friend to give up a rare card for one he already had.  Well, I was wasn’t having that.  Negotiation is a life skill that he will eventually have to learn so he might as well learn how now.  So when all is said and done, I have to admit that it’s a wonderful sight to behold. Watching his growing passion for football has been a real revelation for me.

The way he lights up when talking about football is inspiring.  He gets so excited and has to slow down to catch his breath because he’s forgotten to breathe. When he describes a goal, the joy splayed over his face is infectious, you can’t help but laugh. It is just priceless. Every child should have an obsession. Heck! We should all have an obsession. Truly!

I’ve worked with so many people who come to work day in day out and you know they would rather be somewhere else. I’ve also been one of those people. And I’ve worked with people who can take the most boring subject and turn it into a spellbinding subject. I’ve also been one of those people too. I’d rather work with the latter any day. And the moment I begin to feel like the former, it’s time to run for the exit. Whilst there is no such thing as the perfect job, I need to at the very least like what I do.  If most of my living moments are going to be spent in an office then they have to be meaningful moments.

Observing my son’s new found fanaticism has put me in a very reflective mood so I might have a couple more posts on the subject.  If you ask me, I want to be obsessed, consumed, subsumed and imbued by a passion that has my DNA all over it.   It may not necessarily be my day job, although that would be so cool, it might simply be a hobby or interest.  I think it’s a richer and more fulfilling way to live life. Even if it’s for a moment. It will be well worth it.


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