I Am Not A Boy!!!!

I understand that Tomi will be pronounced as Tommy by most people around the world. I get that. However when I add Mrs to my name or state clearly that my gender is female, I do not expect to be mistaken for a MAN! It’s absolutely ridiculous that professionals will not take the time to read correspondence accurately.

After primary school, my parents received a letter confirming that I had passed my Common Entrance Exams, the then national exams to gain entry into State secondary schools in Nigeria. It stated that I had passed my exams and I had gained entry to King’s College. Spot the difference? Yep! King’s! I was sent to an ALL-boys school! Some clever person in the administrative office must have thought, NO– the parents do not know the sex of their OWN child, Tomi must be a he! Mind you, this was in Nigeria, where they should have known better. So you imagine the sort of stuff I’ve encountered living in the United Kingdom.

Since then, I have received interview letters, employment rejection letters, business letters – you name it- referring to me as MR! when I have clearly signed my correspondence as MRS! I just received another one this evening. I am not happy!

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