What Makes A Woman Strong

Is it because she is devoid of emotion or is as strong as a man?

Is it her voice?

Her stride?

Her job?

Perhaps it’s revealed when she stays true to herself and her actions reflect her strong sense of character.

It’s not in her words of wisdom, though she may have much to share.

It’s not in the many roles she plays, though she may play a multiplicity of parts.

It’s in the quiet confidence she exudes irrespective of life’s challenges.

It’s in the getting up every time life puts her down.

It’s in her uncompromising determination to be true to herself.

It’s in her ability to smile, whatever the the weather.

It’s in the knowledge that after today comes tomorrow and tomorrow will be a better day.

It’s in her faith.

It’s in her heart.

It’s in her mind.

It’s in her thoughts – for that is where her strength lies.

 – for my sisters



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