No Limits!

I love living life through my children’s eyes.  As I said this is the first time that they are aware that they are travelling and the excitement was palpable and audible.  My daughter was squealing à la Macaulay Culkin and my son was dancing and running on the spot.  You couldn’t help but smile. 


As adults we lose the ability to be in awe of experiences we’ve had over and over again.  For them, travelling was a big deal.  And it was lovely to behold; to see that child like zest for life, living the moment, soaking in the present.  It was truly a sight to behold and I lived every moment with them, particularly my daughter as we sat together.  She payed so much attention to the safety video that at the end of the flight my daughter bent down and said she wanted to see her life jacket.

I happened to be chatting to my manager, before I left, about how my daughter had said she wanted to be a pilot earlier on in the year.  And then one day, after talking with some friends at school, came home to say she wanted to be a flight attendant. WonderWoman rebelled.  ‘No’ I said, ‘you will be a pilot’. My issue isn’t what she wanted to be but that she had been convinced to change her ambition.  So my line manager suggested I get her to meet the pilot as that may get her interested all over again.  I wasn’t aware that could still happen post 9/11 but apparently it could. Then I made a joke and said it would be even better if I could orchestrate a female pilot for the day and we laughed.

After we boarded the plane, that Captain’s voice boomed over the intercom to welcome us on board and IT WAS A WOMAN!!!   Aaaaaaaaarggggh.  I could not miss this opportunity.  I asked an male attendant (the irony of the moment wasn’t lost on me)if it was possible to meet the female pilot.  I explained that my daughter wanted to be a pilot and as it’s a woman today it would be great if she could meet her.  To which my daughter responded, ‘mummy I don’t want to be a pilot’.  To which I responded, ‘ssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’. It was a funny moment which I may blog about separately.  The attendant came back with an affirmative Yes!  Even my too-cool-to-be-perturbed-by-anything-husband was clearly excited at the prospect.  

After we landed in Lagos, the attendant had clearly forgotten but I most certainly did not and asked another one 🙂 who went to confer with her colleagues.  He apologised for forgetting and took us all the way to the pilot who was outside the cockpit.  And then she took us into the cockpit.  Aaaaaargh!!  I was clearly more excited than my daughter.  Lol.  

After a six hour flight, I would imagine you wanted to get off and rest but this lady showed us all the buttons, switches, videos and talked us through some of the detail involved in flying the world’s longest aircraft, which we happened to have been on.  Surreal does not begin to describe the moment.  Truly life is for living!



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