I Just Want To Be A Kept Woman

For eighteen months I was in a boring job. It felt like I was in a prison. I dreaded going to the office. I was demotivated and miserable. I’m amazed that I managed to claw some actual experience from there. I wanted out and thankfully I was able to do so soon after I quit.

A month on in my new job, I am far from bored. It’s not just a new job for me but a newly created role for the team. So I’m having loads of meetings with different stakeholders, learning about products I never new existed, running a new project from week one and trying to catch up with deadlines. I’m not bored. I’m far from bored. Every day brings a fresh challenge and new dimension to my role. Everyone is happy the role has been created – which means everyone has a perspective on what I ‘should’ be doing. My brain is exhausted. I have used parts of my brain that have been dormant for so long that at the end of the day I feel like I’ve been physically exercising. Seriously! It’s like I’ve never worked in my life.

So now I’ve decided that I just want to be a kept woman -not a homemaker, that’s hard work too -a KEPT woman. All I want to care about is what time I get up in the morning; what book am I going to read in the day; whether I cook or eat out; getting out of the cleaners way; going to the gym; the pin number to the bank account with the never-ending supply of money I’ll have access to; kissing my kids goodnight and curling up in bed next to my husband at the end of the day.

A life of no concerns. Does it exist? Perhaps Bill Gates or the Hidunja brothers will adopt me. Or maybe Brad and Angelina. Hmmmmm.


2 thoughts on “I Just Want To Be A Kept Woman

  1. Hmmm Not sure a life of no concerns exists but I hear you about being a kept woman…..having said that my life has to have meaning and purpose. So whilst I am halfway there all I need now is the unlimited bank account and I’m sorted J

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