Aaaaaargh! Give Me Strength!

I’ve just confiscated my son’s books because instead of getting ready for school, he has decided to read. In the morning rush; after having a bath, before changing into his uniform, before having breakfast, before we navigate the terrains of the early morning school rush; he decided to read!!!!!!!!

I should be happy I have a son that’s interested in reading right? NO! Not when he makes us late for school and, subsequently, work as a result. The books have now been banished to where the Christmas wrapping paper is kept. I don’t know how long they are going to stay there for but suffice it to say that right now, I DON’T CARE!!!!!

Now as he has given me reason to write this post before the school run, surely he should be doubly punished for that as well as we are definitely going to be late now. Aaargh!!!!!!



9 thoughts on “Aaaaaargh! Give Me Strength!

  1. Haha let him reaad! You are extremely lucky actually as many parents and teachers have to force kids to read but looks like you have no problem there! Although yes it can be annoying when they always read but I can’t really say anything since I was just the same…

  2. Please! Please! Let him be! I get him completely! He sounds like me… ehem… years ago and you sound like my Mum! She would get mad when I burned the dinner, because I had my head buried in a book! Readers of today are best-selling authors of tomorrow. Reading broadens your mind, fuels your imagination, opens up the world the way nothing else can. He even inspired you to write! Just think, what would you have written about if he wasn’t such an avid reader?! He’s a little darling!!! Just let him be! 🙂

  3. Hehehe, I support you 90%, but please give him the books back. I’m sure he has learnt a lesson or 2 from this. If you keep them locked up for long, he will forget and move on to something else, which will make the whole action pointless. MERCY, MERCY, MERCY.

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