Demoralise Your Team In 10 Easy Steps

If as a manager you do not value contributing to the enhancement of your team members then perhaps management is not really what you are interested in. Every individual has potential and a good manager is dedicated to bringing out the best in their team members; however lazy, unmotivated or mis-directed they may be. You may not get the desired result but you would have discharged your duty fully.

There is a huge difference between being a manager and being in management. Those with a ‘management’ hat on are only interested in their own career progression. A true manager wants a team of motivated individuals whose careers progress alongside theirs.

Here are ten silly things you could do as a manager.

  1. Show No Interest in the Personal Development of Your Team: They are bound to be motivated and happy at work each day. After all, who comes to work to excel at what they do.
  2. Make Your Team Feel They are Being Used: This will motivate them to dedicate a 100% of their time to the job and engender loyalty.
  3. Delegate Only Mundane Stuff to Them: This is the sure way to develop experts and stretch their capabilities.
  4. Take credit for Their Work: They will praise you for choosing your promotion at the cost of their career progression. It is only expected that the limelight belongs to the manager.
  5. Don’t Enquire About Their Health When They’ve Been Off Sick: This will only spoil them and God forbid people think this is a caring environment. And when their child or dependent is ill, take no interest other than in how it’ll affect their work. This is a work place not a support group.
  6. Make It Clear They Work For You: You are not team members or colleagues. Yeah, because you pay their salary not the organisation you both work for. They belong to you. There can be no merit in them thinking you are part of the same team working towards the same goal. They need to know their place.
  7. Block Their Career Advancement or Training Plans: How dare they think they are better than you? Everyone needs to wait their turn, after all you have been waiting for your opportunity too.
  8. Do As I Say Not As I Do: This way everyone in the team will know how important it is to adhere to the processes you consistently violate.
  9. Blame Your Team for Your Mistakes: Show them who is boss. There is no need to take responsibility for what you did wrong when there are others whose roles are less important and dispensable
  10. Yell and Curse at Them: Way to go! That way they’ll know who is boss.
  11. I think we need people in management; people who know what to do to get an organisation to excel. Organisations definitely need such people but if they are unable to carry people along with them then I say, keep them well away from people and just leave them in an office to strategise away. Find someone else who will be interested in the team to drive people towards the corporate goal.



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