Afternoon Tease Is King Of The Street


Ever since I heard it opened last October I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to visit Afternoon Tease. I finally got a chance to on Friday and it was well worth the wait. Owned by Jo Kruczynska, Afternoon Tease is situated on Cambridge’s foodie lane, King Street. The café boasts a fine selection of cakes (gluten free options included), quality tea and coffee as well as a great breakfast, lunch and brunch (weekends only) menu. As with any worthy independent, most of their ingredients are locally sourced and before I forget, I must mention that they are credited with introducing ‘Bacon Bap Friday’ to Cambridge.


With it’s quirky mismatched vintage crockery, complete with up-cycled sugar bowls (syrup tins), you’ll be forgiven for thinking you are in your favourite aunt’s home. You feel very much at home at Afternoon Tease. I had a raspberry sponge washed down with a Moroccan mint tea which was just what I needed after traipsing round the city centre with two children. The tea earned me a stamp on the café’s loyalty card which I’m very much looking forward to filling.


I’ve only met Jo once and we have exchanged the occasional tweet, yet she made the time to pop over to our table to have a long chat, despite it being such a busy day. I didn’t feel like I was being served by a waitress but by a friend. Even fellow customers become friends in such an an amiable setting. Sitting next to me that day was an Anglian Ruskin student who was having the most gorgeous smelling lentil and sweet potato soup. How do I know? I asked. That’s how good it smelt so I have to go back to try some of their homemade cooking.

I love their handwritten menu and sign boards which Jo employs to lure unsuspecting would-be-customers on twitter. 😉


You can see they don’t take themselves too seriously but don’t let the quirkiness deceive you though, the quality of the food is fantastic. This is one café that should be in every guide on where to eat in Cambridge.

After my children scoffed their faces with generous slices of chocolate cake, my son walked up to Jo and said “your café is superb” and my daughter said “your cakes are better than my mum’s”. For someone who often says I’m the best baker in the world, that’s saying a lot.

Visit Afternoon Tease at 13 King Street, City Centre, Cambridge, CB1 1HL or find out more at


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