Perfectly Imperfect

I am acutely aware that my writing is not the best. My vocabulary is minuscule, my grammar can be atrocious and I often jump in and out of tenses. I sometimes don’t know where to put my commas, semi-colons, apostrophes and esses (letter s). Not to mention some of my spelling mistakes which a kind guardian angel keeps pointing out to me. But I’m writing anyway. See! I know you shouldn’t start a sentence with ‘but’, but it made sense to use it then. I bet I just committed another felony for writing but, but.

We often stop ourselves from doing the things we want to do because it’s not perfect enough or we aren’t good enough. You may be right but, can it ever be perfect? Even if it is, what may be perfect to me might be mediocre you. So when is that perfection ever attained? The truth is it never will be perfect so quit trying to engineer it. The people who are the most successful are not necessarily the best, they are just the ones who stuck at it with with dogged determination.

You’ve just got to start wherever you are. Because, (yes, another faux pas) if you don’t start doing, you will never start the journey to getting better and then becoming an expert. It might take me seven years to become a great writer but I am now ten months down in the process. Sitting and waiting for perfection will only leave me at the starting blocks.

So what are you sitting on this fine Monday morning? Get going and be perfectly imperfect.


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