Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

Dirty dancing was one of my all time favourite movies as a teenager.  It still is. In the days of VHS, we played the tape so much that certain bits got chewed up but that didn’t stop us ‘die hards’.  We figured out ways of using sellotape to reacquaint bits of the VHS reel so that we could hold on to the magic of the film for a little while longer.  My mum was absolutely frustrated at the number of times she came home to find us watching it. 

I don’t know what it was; whether it was the lines, the music, the dancing or Patrick Swayze. Perhaps it was because at the time it was a musical without the cheesy break-into-song bits. It was contemporary and the name alone made you feel naughty. 😉 It was just a quintessentially great movie with great lines and great characters.  

‘Nobody puts Baby in the corner’ was the breaking point of the movie; you could call it the coming of age for Jennifer Grey’s character, Baby. She was the virginal debutante and Patrick Swayze was the archetypal bad boy who was going to deflower her. She was over-loved and suffocated by her protective dad who preferred to hold on to an image of his ‘perfect’ daughter rather than see her as the young woman she had become.  He constantly put Baby in the corner where he could protect or, frankly, control her. 

Her father was totally blind to the fact that he was stifling her and her dreams.

Are there people or circumstances in your life that try and put you in the corner? Even well intentioned people? A boss, a friend, a spouse or partner, a colleague? Or a situation that keeps bringing you down like a failed driving test, exam or business?  Someone who constantly tries to undermine you and make you feel worthless?  A situation that make you feel like a failure?  That person or circumstance is not worth your acquiescence. 

After your worst failure always comes your greatest success, but you only achieve that sucess if you try again.
-Keji Aofiyebi

Get out of the corner and get lifted like Baby.

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