Opposites Attract

This is usually the case but I find that with my husband and I, it’s a case of like attracts like or being on opposite ends of the same scale.  For instance we are both pretty laid back.  My laidback-ness frustrates the living daylights out of my sisters.  My husband on the other hand is not laid back, he is horizontal.  This has brought much pleasure to my sisters as they reckon it’s retribution for all the years I was unperturbed by any distress they experienced.

It took the first year of being married to finally understand their frustrations.  Nothing moves my husband, absolutely nothing! He’s always on time for appointments; not a moment early not a moment late.  He doesn’t plan anything until the day it arrives.  Messiness doesn’t irritate him. He just takes everything in his stride.

Then I remember, when we got married we never planned a honeymoon.  The morning after, we got up and thought, it’d be nice to go away so we went online and with a click the mouse, we were booked on a flight to New Orleans.  What I thought was spontaneity and romantic at the time has since haunted me throughout our marriage to the delight of my sisters.  Although now, sadly for them, I am now a lot worse than I used to be. I am much more laid back as a choice. Rather than risk losing my mind, I’ve just decided to go with the flow.  Still, next to my husband, I look like Monica from Friends. 😉


4 thoughts on “Opposites Attract

  1. Love this, love this love this! We love you for your laidbackness and yes we do delight in the fact that you married a man who is definitely horizontal – almost comatose…..divine retribution indeed. Mwah! Tosin xx

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