Annoying Couples

You must have seen one of those couples that kiss so passionately on the train platform that you want to get them a tent.  Following their impassioned, glued-to-each-other-members type of embrace, aren’t you amazed that they both get on the same train?   With the way they were carrying on you would have thought one was off to Kuala Lumpur and the other would be alone for at least three consecutive months. 

It never fails to annoy me very much in the same way as couples who conduct their love life on social media.  I don’t mind the picture of the gift or flowers you got on your birthday or  even informing us that you are out together at some special place but do we have to be involved in your planning session?

Let’s meet up for dinner boo

Wanna get a drink after work?

Should we go and watch a movie?

It fascinates me that two people who have each other’s phones numbers (all that may exist) choose to air their plans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever.  Pick up the phone and ask if she or he wants to meet you at the station or grab lunch.  Texting is not obsolete and now we have this great thing called Instant Messaging (IM), you should try it.  Facebook also has an IM facility and you can Direct Message (DM) on twitter so nobody needs to know your plans with your boo unless of course that was your intention in the first place.



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