One Page At A Time

I have so many folders on my hard drive for different books I want to write.  The ideas are there but for some reason I just can’t settle down and start putting flesh to the bones.  Part of it is clearly a fear of failure.  The other part is the feeling that it won’t be a good book. 

I think I have just got to have a ‘so what’ attitude about it.  Even if the first book is no good, the second one will be an improvement. Thankfully, I am comforted and encouraged by the fact that every time I write something I feel alive; like I was created to do this and could do this forever and ever,

I heard John .C. Maxwell once say,

the last time I checked the only way to write a book is one page at a time.  It’s not complicated.  

As funny as it sounds, it’s true with anything you want to accomplish.  It’s a step at a time.  So I’m starting on page one,  Eeeeek! So watch your behaviour around me, you may just end up in my book. 🙂

*Pillow from Zazzle

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