Management By Influence or Duress?

So I spied an email at work this week which said something to the effect of: “I need this report by the end of the day, if I don’t get it, I will let the COO and FO know who will contact you directly”.

Wouldn’t it have been a better thing to pick of the phone and say , “hey man how are you? I understand you’re snowed under but this is why I need the report …….. What can we do to get it done sooner as I have a meeting with the execs tomorrow?” Then the guy can say to you, this is the reason. So even if the report is not submitted he can empathise and explain better to the ‘almighty’ execs rather that taking someone’s head on a block.

It’s amazing the number of people who want to accelerate their promotion at work by taking someone else down. It’s juvenile.

Of course his email got an immediate response but in the wisdom of the person on the receiving end, it was in the form of a phone call. The individual said they’d try. And 10 minutes later another phone call followed saying they were stretched and still could not deliver. This was pure genius on the part of this person because the truth was they could not deliver in the time frame they were given, execs or no execs. So what was the point of all the bravado?

I can’t believe in 2014, with all the information and training out there, someone still thinks that leadership is synonymous to scaremongering people.

You lead people better by influencing them rather than bossing them about.


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