Children Know What They Want To Do

I thought it would be a great idea if we went to Wimpole Farm today. They were having a kite making session and it was certainly windy enough to fly a kite. Wonder Boy and Girl have been harassing me all day to take them to the park to ride their bikes but I thought KITE making was a more enriching experience. As we left the house I told them with glee, “we’re going kite flying’. My statement was met with semi-glad-ish curiosity. “Can we take our bikes along with us” they asked. “No” I said. That should have been my first hint that this kite flying escapade was not their idea of fun. We only had an hour to get there before the session was over but with dogged determination I made way for the motor way. Twenty minutes was all the Satnav said, I was sure we’d be there in fifteen.

As I pulled up to Wimpole Estate there was a queue of cars eating into our hour. We eventually got into the car park, passed some delightful sheep.


Then we were assigned a space by a parking attendant with only fifty minutes to spare. As I didn’t think this would be enough time for kite making, I decided to entice them with a walk round the estate but called it “exploring”. That suggestion was met with, “if only we had brought our bikes”. So I said, “ok, let’s explore and when we get home we’ll see if it’s warm enough to go bike riding”. With semi acquiescence, we were off to explore the beautiful grounds. By now you’re guessing this trip was all about me. It was MY ideal day out. My son frowned throughout but I was determined to the defy the temptation to rebuke him. I marched up the stairs to Wimpole Hall, a beautiful National Trust mansion, and the view from the top was breathtaking.


Sadly my iPad does not do it justice. We walked into the Hall but we didn’t have enough time to explore to justify paying so I decided we’d do that another day. Much to my surprise, Wonder Boy was interested in going though the house but unfortunately not on this occasion. So I promised we’d be back. We walked towards the restaurant and bookshop and saw some children playing with some kites. I coaxed mine to see if they wanted to catch the tail end of the craft session, but still no movement. You can also tell I don’t give up easily.


Outside was a queue for a tractor ride to the farm and since it was free, the ride not the farm, I thought let’s give it a go. Only Wonder girl was interested.

We saw the sheep again (I like nature) and ended up at the entrance of the farm which had a lovely pond with ducks and geese I think. The smells put off the kids so we didn’t look round the farm plus I think we had to have paid somewhere anyway. Not sure what sort of smells they were expecting from a farm though.



We took the same tractor back to the hall and set off home. Of course I got asked if they could ride their bikes when we got home. I said well we don’t always get the chance to go to Wimpole farm, but your bikes are always there and we can ride them anytime. Wonder Boy replies, “that’s what you always say but we never get to ride our bikes”. And he was right. They have not fully mastered bike riding, so I always leave it till when their dad has spare time to do it but as he’s a student at moment, that time is very rare.

I thought, you know what? If I had listened to them all along, we might all have had a nice day out. Sometimes, not all the time but sometimes, it pays to just go with what they want.



At the end of the day, I got a huge hug and thank you for taking them to Wimpole and letting them ride their bikes and to be honest it was actually heart warming watching them have fun.


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